Ivan Illich :  "Deschooling Society"

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Is schooling the same thing as education? Obviously not. We all learn day by day, and most of us, to be honest, can find little in our lives which schooling has directly and profoundly influenced. Two questions emerge. What is it, then, that has given schooling such widespread prestige in all societies throughout the world? And what is it that schooling actually does if its educational function is in doubt?

Ivan Illich argues in this eloquent and persuasive book that school has the prestige it does because it is one of the major means by which the status quo is preserved. It is not only inefficient in terms of education, but also profoundly divisive. 'Deschooling Society' has already become a classic statement of a new and disturbing view of the school as an institution. It is amply possible to disagree with Illich, it is hardly possible to ignore him.

'His assault on the school ... demands to be considered seriously'
- Peter Jenkins in 'The Guardian'

'... one of the most genuine subversive books in that it amounts to a radical re-interpretation of social reality'
- David Gow in 'The Scotsman'

'Illich and Reimer have asked some of the profoundest questions about education today'
- Ian Lister in 'The Times Educational Supplement'

Sociology & Anthropology
ISBN 0 14 02.1280 9

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